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“I started playing tennis at a young age and it taught me respect and sportsmanship on, and off the court. I pride my style as disciplined and appreciate the finesse in all aspects of tennis. I teach my athletes to be positive and focused, because there are many good tennis players, but few that are excellent. What makes the difference is attitude.” 

Cristian Garcia

“Learning from elite coaches from all over the world, including Nick Bolletieri, Mark Spann and Peter Burwash, has exposed me to a broad range of coaching techniques, and nearly every style of tennis. This has given me a versatility to my coaching, while still creating my own stylized approach to teaching tennis.” 


Pablo Montesi



PEE WEES ages 4 - 6

30 minutes, Monday thru Friday 4:00pm Class and 4:30pm class  


Pee wees 4 to 6 years old: Group lesson that combines fun with tennis fundamentals. We will focus on the development of the student’s athleticism, working on different activities that involve movement, agility and hand eye coordination. We will provide QuickStart tennis balls.




PRODIGIES ages 6 - 8

1hr, Monday thru Friday 4:00pm 

Prodigies 6 to 8 years old: Group lesson that combines fun with basic tennis strokes including rallying, drills and games. Players will be introduced to all different strokes; forehand, backhand, volleys, serves and returns. They will also learn how to keep score and how to behave on the tennis court. We will provide Quickstart tennis balls.




TENNIS CHAMPS agess 9-12

1hr, Monday/Wednesday/Friday 5:00pm


Tennis champs 9 to 12 years old: Group lesson that combines fun with continued stroke development. At this point the player will receive a much more detailed instruction to improve and refine their technique. This is combined with tactical skills, ball placement, consistency and match play. We will teach the student to exemplify sportsmanship on the court, getting them ready to move to the next level.






Tennis challenger 13 to 16 years old: At this level players will develop mental and physical strength through advanced drills and exercises. They will continue working on their technique, but the focus will be on proper footwork, shot selection and consistency. They will learn how to move around the tennis court more efficiently, maximizing their potential during a match. They will also learn how to develop consistency with intensity, working on various exercises, such as drills with multiple repetitions and rallying in different directions, games and targets.





Tournament Players 2hrs, Monday/Wednesday/Friday 5:00 to 7:00


Tournament Training Program: This program is designed for advanced players that play tournaments. The objective is to work on each player's needs, understanding their strengths and weakness. We will emphasize the development of power, intensity and consistency. They will also learn strategy, sportsmanship and mental toughness so they are ready to compete.






Is personalized instruction, focusing on the areas of improvement needed, as well as reinforcing the student’s strengths. 

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